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Cookie Dough Fundraising FAQs



Q. How do I know your Fundraiser is right for our group?


A. Everyone can do this! We provide everything you need to be successful and everyone loves

our products!


Q. How much can our group make?

A. You will make 40% to 50% profit on every order! For instance, if you had 25 sellers each selling 32 items  at $16 each and 40% profit you would make $3,840.00!


Q. Is there a minimum order?


A. No


Q. When do we get our money?


A. All money is collected when the orders are taken when you choose an in hand campaign so you realize your profit as soon as your campaign is over and you have placed your order! Your online campaign will pay every month based on the orders received. You can run your campaign as long as you choose or as long as it takes to reach your goal.


Q. What are eCoupons?


A. With eCoupons, you do not deliver the product; it is shipped to the buyer’s house once they go online to your website and choose the product they want to order!



Q. What if we only want to sell eCoupons?


A. No problem. There is a minimum order of 50 and your profit margin is 40% to 50%


You can reach us by any of the following methods:







Celebrate on Purpose

185 FM 1538

Falfurrias, Texas 78355